Private Lessons

Private Lessons:

To register for private lessons please contact our office at 862-8074 or email. Most of our teachers’ schedules are very full, however schedules change and new lesson spots open regularly. If emailing, please let us known what times and days you are available and include an afternoon contact phone number as follow-up will likely be by phone. Registration can be filled out online and submitted but verification that the teacher is available is recommended prior.

Enrollment in North Valley Music School offers students the opportunity to attend private and group lessons and workshops, as well as to perform at special events and recitals. Enrollment is based upon the completion of a registration form and payment of a registration fee of $45 per student. Families that have more than two students taking lessons will be charged an additional registration fee of $22.50 per student. The school year extends from September to June and comprises three 12-week sessions or trimesters.

Prepaid tuition fees may be refunded only to students, or parents of students, who give a 2-week notice in writing or by e-mail to nvmusicschool@gmail.comof their intent to discontinue lessons.


Financial need based scholarships are awarded using the Federal School Lunch Guidelines. The current Guidelines are printed on the back of the registration letter included with this form. There are also 4 full scholarships available for applicants struggling with mental, emotional, or grief, offered by the Blake Reese Memorial Fund. Please check the box on the registration form for more information.

Missed Classes and Lessons
There will be no refund of tuition for student absence. All lessons must be paid for whether taken or missed and make-up lessons will only be offered at the teacher’s discretion and availability. If the teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be arranged or the student will be credited. Please call to notify the school in event of an absence as a courtesy to the teacher.

The Board of the North Valley Music School reserves the right to remove any child from any program if his or her behavior is disruptive in any way. If the student is having trouble with his or her behavior at North Valley Music School, the parent/guardian will be given a copy of the School’s behavior/dismissal policy, and the parent/guardian and staff will have a conference and a trial period before any dismissal recommendation.

Please complete the registration form below, then cut off at the dotted line and submit with payment to North Valley Music School.
Private Lessons
Yearly registration fee (required)
        $45.00 per first and second student

Additional student registration
       $22.50 per additional student

Tuition (based on 30-minute lesson)
(A 10% discount will be applied to the 3rd and subsequent lessons w/in a family.)


Tuition Payment Plans: There are three different payment plans available for NVMS students. Payment Plan selection must be indicated on the student registration form. The payment plan selected remains in effect for the duration of the year and any changes must be made through the office in writing. Students are considered enrolled with the payment of the registration fee.


Plan #1 – One Yearly Payment in Full: For those who wish to pay the full year’s tuition it may be done within 10 days of the start of the lessons. With the required two weeks notice any pre-paid funds will be refunded within 10 days of notice of termination. A full year’s tuition without additional fees is a total of $720.00 per student for a weekly, 30-minute lesson.

Plan #2 – Three Trimester Payments: The first payment shall be due on the 10th of September. The second payment shall be due on or before the 10th of December. The third payment shall be due on or before the 10th of March. The amount of the three payments shall be 1/3 of the total tuition amount for the year. (Example one student with no additional fees would be a total of $720 with payments due of $240.00 per trimester.)

Plan #3 – Monthly Payments: Payments are due every month from September through May by the 10th day of each month. The amounts of the payments shall be 1/9 of the total tuition amount for the year. (Example: one student with no additional fees would be a total of $720 with monthly payments of $80.00.)
NOTE: Tuition will be invoiced per trimester but may be paid monthly.

Payment: The designated person responsible for payment shall select and agree to one of the payment plans available for instruction at NVMS. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, Discover or MasterCard. Tuition will be invoiced per trimester and statements sent monthly to anyone with an open balance. Payments are due on or before the designated remittance date. There is a $5.00 charge for late payments.

Delinquent Account: If an account is delinquent by three months (i.e., no payments received in the current trimester), the family will be notified that the student’s lessons will be discontinued until payment is received or a payment plan is made with the office.

Non-Payment: The designated person responsible for an account submitted to a collection agency will be responsible for all collection fees (typically the balance owing plus an additional 35%).

Refunds: With the required two weeks notice in writing or by e-mail to any prepaid tuition will be refunded.

North Valley Music School
Injury/Photo/Media/Internet Release

Throughout the year, NVMS students are photographed and videotaped at school events. These images may be used in a variety of ways. For example, images may be included in school publications, distributed to students, families, donors, and the public. Images may be released to the media for promotional and informational purposes. Images may be included on the school’s Website ( to illustrate NVMS programs or events or to give special recognition. The images also may be included in a school video or slideshow shown to families, donors, potential donors, and the community.

We do not intend to identify individual students within a given photo. However your child may be identified as a student of NVMS if their name is noted in recognition of achievements or for some other reason related to NVMS.

I hereby release and discharge NVMS and their staff, faculty and guest artists from any and all claims for personal injury.