Don Rees Students

To hear the recording of “Stairway to Heaven” for which the .pdf is written, go to this website: Stairway to Heaven


Here is a link for an excellent resource for guitar and banjo students alike. I have this will lead you to a page with guitar chords.

It is a chord library and just click on the appropriate chord and you can see it and many variations or print the page out. For Banjo students click on this link.

Practice hints:

1. Set a little time aside each day to practice. It is much better to practice a little bit every day, then it is to skip a few days and then try to make it up with a long session.

2. It is really helpful, if you pick the same time of day to practice if possible. This will get you into a good habit and you will start seeing a lot of progress.

3. Try to have a goal to accomplish during your practice. Make it realistic; something that you can achieve. An example might be – “I’m going to play the first two measures of this song at 60 – 70 beats a minute without making one mistake.”

4. If you have a song that is giving you trouble, or is very long; break it up into segments, or “phrases”. As suggested in the above hint (#3), you will find that taking a small part of a large piece and learning it well can be a nice early reward. This will also help you learn the next parts of the piece much more quickly.


Video links

1. Check out Bryan Sutton Flatpicking “Texas Gales”

2. Blues Guitar- (Am Pentatonic Scales) This link will give you a basic Am Pentatonic Scale to practice. Along with the scale there is a video clip to help.

3. Reading Tablature (Be patient for this link, it opens an Adobe File)


Video Links

1. Here is a good place to get started on how to hold your banjo and picks properly. The video clips on this website will also provide you with some tutorials for tuning your banjo and basic picking.

2. This is a good place to learn your basic rolls the tab is provided and the video, as well.


– Do wash your hands prior to playing. Every time if possible.
– Do clean each individual string with a soft clean cloth after playing.
– Don’t overly “pre-stretch” your strings when changing them.
– Do change your strings well ahead of a performance or practice time so they have plenty of time to settle in prior to playing.