Board and Advisors

NVMS has a Board of Directors with up to 15 members.  Our board meets monthly throughout the year and each member serves on one of our standing committees – Development, Fund-raising, Governance, Finance, and Facilities. Board members serve for three years at term and up to two terms. If you are interested in serving on our Board  please contact us at 862-8074.

2016-17 Board of Directors

Karl Cozad, President
Terry Nelson, Vice President
Kay Burg, Secretary
Katie Morgan, Treasurer
Matthew Bussard
Caiti Carpenter
David Hunt
Stephanie Joseph
Rick Prestbye
Christine Rossi
Eric Schmidt
Ann Schoonover

2016 Advisors

Ruth Ackroyd
Lin Akey
Ross Anderson
Cameron Blake
Kristin Bodeen
Paul Conrad
Heather Davis Schmidt
Lynnette Donaldson
Betsy Kohnstamm
John Kramer
Steve Lull
Carolyn Pitman
Doug Reed
Scott Ringer
Alan Satterlee
Doug Wise